Once a loyal emissary, Soren Karal served Lookshy’s interests in political dealings throughout the Riverlands. A young but promising official, Soren climbed through the ranks of the General Staff by resolving diplomatic matters and securing lucrative trade agreements with the Hundred Kingdoms, Nexus, and Thorns. Promoted to chief diplomatic envoy to Thorns following a politically favorable marriage to Sophia Amilar, Soren had the dubious honor of being involved in the earliest negotiations as Lookshy’s envoy to Thorns as Mask’s army was approaching. His directive was to convince the Council of allied forces to minimize casualties in the conflict, surrender if necessary, and wait for the legions of Lookshy to repel the Mask’s advance. Mask’s forces would be mired in the logistics of dealing with acquisition of a city, and suffer the pains of a guerilla campaign against them. A temporary defeat to save countless lives in the long term was a cause Soren believed in, wholeheartedly. Disorder and panic ran rampant throughout Thorns, and as officials began appearing gruesomely murdered, blame was cast in many directions, enough of it landing on Soren’s shoulders to spell his doom. Branded a traitor and sentenced to death, Soren Karal died burnt upon a pyre. As he burned to death, the Mask of Winters offered him not only a chance for vengeance, but to reshape a fundamentally broken and flawed world and in the process, to become one of it’s masters.

Appearance: Of average height, Krelius often is seen wearing a dark black gi with soulsteel threads and a heavy, dark cowl. His wrists and ankles are bound by heavy soulsteel bracers, and he wears thick leather gloves at all times. His face is always hidden by an elaborate soulsteel mask, its features tinged slightly by sadness and it appears to be weeping blood.

Sworn Oaths

Carius and Krelius – Sworn to not kill each other
Karinina (girl from soulsteel implant tank) – Sworn to serve Krelius
Goodrick – Sworn to serve Krelius
Filial Herald – Sworn to protect Leona from harm, in exchange for a favor from Krelius

Motivations Imposed

Noriendra – Princess of Thorns shares Krelius’ motivation


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