Heaven and Earth Dojo

Heaven and Earth (Manse 2) (Demesne 5) Sidereal

The Heaven and Earth dojo was once the premier Shogunate-era training facility for Sidereal exalted and Dragonblooded alike. The primary function of the Heaven and Earth dojo is to record specified styles, and allow for the rapid training of pupils in those styles. As a secondary function, the Heaven and Earth manse was used to hold martial arts tournaments, and subsequently record unique or esoteric arts for the hearthstone bearer to review, learn, and discharge from the archives.

Should the manse ever be restored to its full rating, it is likely that many of the old Archives would be functional, along with any styles that they once recorded. There are other hidden capabilities of the manse that would also become available to the Hearthstone bearer.

+4 MCP (base)
+2 MCP (Maintenance – to retain proper geomantic flow, the manse’s training surfaces must be appropriately cleaned monthly.)
+1 MCP (Uncomfortably Habitable – The Heaven and Earth dojo is very damaged, and most of the first age amenities don’t function.)
+4 MCP (Design beyond limit)

2 Archive – (Presently contains the first five charms of the Infinity Shards of Obsidian style.)
2 Archive – (Can have a style of the ST’s choosing, or be empty and ready for use to record others’ MA charms.)
1 Well-flavored Aspects [Martial Arts] – The hearthstone bearer gets +1 dice to all martial arts actions within the Heaven and Earth dojo.
3 Analytical Senses – The Manse is able to analyze any and all essence users within its sphere of influence. If any essence users use martial arts, it will record the charm that was used, and subsequently give the hearthstone bearer the option to archive the charm for him (or anyone else who has permission) to learn as a tutoring effect.
3 Integrated Utility Artifacts – 4 points worth of integrated utility artifacts
2 Recorder of Everlasting Glories – Wonders, P61 – Used to record training sessions or to replay the recorded charms in the archive.
2 Cache Egg – Wonders p58 – This provides a small pocket of elsewhere for the hearthstone bearer to use within the Manse.

0 Essence Vents – Throughout the dojo, there are small fountains of pooled and vented Sidereal essence. Lastly, the Manse is well-illuminated on moonless nights, as the vented essence harmonizes with the light emitted by the stars above.

Heaven and Earth Dojo

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