Necrotech Repair Artifacts


Repair: 2
This artifact is a set of eight needles the length of a man’s ring finger and the diameter of a stalk of wheat. There are three needles made from soulsteel, and they are all stored within a small case of black jade. To open this case, the owner must commit five motes of Essence to it. If any of the needles are missing or broken, the user need merely spend one Willpower and five additional motes to cause them to reappear intact inside the case. The user can use these needles to graft necrotic flesh to a patient and temporarily heal wounds until the patient’s natural healing abilities can restore her. At which time, the necrotic flesh simply falls off. Characters can also use these items to heal themselves. By spending one mote per health level he wishes to heal, and affixing an appropriate amount of necrotic flesh, the user can heal a patient’s bashing damage. This procedure proceeds at a rate of one health level every minute. If the user spends three motes per health level, he can repair lethal damage. The user’s player must make a successful (Perception + Medicine) roll with a difficulty of 1 for his character to correctly affix the tissue. The difficulty of this roll increases to 3 if the user is attempting to restore himself. Failure at this roll means the motes are wasted and the character must try again. Despite the time required for restoration, this artifact can even restore patients who are dying when the user begins to treat them—the necrotic energies keep a patient alive until he can be repaired. If the user spends a point of Willpower and five motes per health level that he wishes to repair, he can even repair aggravated damage, though this procedure takes four hours per health level. As a result, most necrosurgeons attempt to repair aggravated damage while their patient is unconcious. Repairing aggravated damage is quite difficult. The user’s player must make a successful (Perception + Medicine) roll, difficulty of 3 (5 if attempting self-repairing). These needles cause excruciating pain and the patient may be required to make as successful (Stamina + Resistance) roll vs. the number of health levels being repaired to remain concious.
This device can repair any wound or injury, including damage caused by poison, but crippled or missing limbs can only be addressed by affixing necrotech. The user must have the appropriate skill in medicine to do this. If used to stop damage caused by poison, this artifact also causes the poison to instantly cease damaging the patient, preventing further poison damage from occurring during the time this artifact is being used upon the patient. In addition, it completely purges a poison from the patient’s body once it has healed all damage the poison has already inflicted. If used before a poison has caused damage, the needles need be used for only the time necessary to repair one health level of that type of damage.
While under the effects of the repair, the patient suffers one point of external penalty to appearance rolls for every health level repaired to a minimum of one.



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