Soulsteel Eye


This horrific artifact takes the form of a soulsteel sphere the size of a human eye. The back of the artifact has a round hole approximately the size of a thumbnail through which protrudes a multitude of Soulsteel and Moonsilver wires. Regardless of the number of souls used in the artifact, the artificer forges the artifact to have one dominant soul. When this artifact is implanted into a being with a nervous system (usually in the eye socket), the wires move to intertwine and interface with the nerves of the bearer. Once implanted, the artifact gives an attuned exalted control over the bearer. If the bearer is dead, it must be reanimated by normal means. If the bearer is alive, it may resist this control with a (Willpower + Integrity) roll vs. the controller’s essence each day. If no one attunes to the artifact, the dominant soul may interface and control undead and willing targets. More sadistic artificers may meticulously separate a mortal’s Hun and fold it into an Eye of Indentured Soul and then place it back into its original body. This artifact then reestablishes the bond with the target’s Po to create an easily remotely controlled living target through which the artificer may channel essence. Mechanically, this living creation is considered “Ghost Blooded.” Additionally, targets implanted with multiple Eyes take on the Multiple Personalities mutation.

Varying degrees of this artifact grant the following abilities (which stack):
• Basic control over the bearer
•• An attuned Exalted may experience anything seen or experienced by the bearer of the implant
••• The attuned may channel any attributes or abilities through the bearer using the bearer’s willpower and essence
•••• The artifact has an essence pool equal to (Essence x 3) through which spells or charms may be channeled
••••• The attuned may channel any abilities or essence through the target

It has been theorized that if an Eye of Indentured Soul is fashioned from the remnants of a Monstrance of Celestial Portion, it would be an “N/A” artifact which bound the associated exaltation to the artifact and the dominant soul therein.



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